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".....They were very professional at their job when they made sure that my roofing issues was solved. They are very quick to work as well, highly recommend!...."
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We are a group of individuals who trying to beautiful homes one at a time. our team of experts can make it possible for you to work a better working house plan.

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Why Smart Homes are More Energy Efficient

Smart home technology is the most energy efficient we can get in all ways. There is no better way to keep our electricity bills under the bar and also sustain some energy. We feel the need of using more energy during summer as we enjoy a lot of air conditioning and television while relaxing inside our homes. With smart home appliances and devices, not only are we enjoy a better lifestyle, but we are also taking a lot of measures to be energy efficient.

Remote management

The devices that are connected to the smart home system can be monitored and operated from the same system. This makes it easier for us to manage all the appliances easily while lying on our beds or travelling on the other side of the world. Heating and cooling are the two energy consuming needs in our homes. But having a smart control can switch off and on an AC from anywhere. By doing this, you are not only saving energy but setting up the right environment for you before you reach home.

Automatic cooling control

Smart home systems will allow to to change the temperature of your home according to the outside environment. If any door or window is left open, the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature with the help of the sensors. It can save a great amount of energy as you do not have to cool down your home exterior and to leave a window open is a waste of a lot of energy. The thermostat can adjust with the temperature at the outside to provide only the cooling in needs on the inside.

No more standby appliances

The standby appliances are the most energy consuming devices which seem like they are not consuming  a lot since they are are being used, but the energy they consume during their stand by time can be more energy consuming while going unnoticed. The smart home system can cut down the connection to the stand by devices if you do not use them for a long time. In most cases, the TVs, Laptops, and computers are the devices which turn off their screen for stand by and we forget to switch them off. Smart home technology can help us schedule the time they need to be turned down if not in use and save energy.

Automated lighting

Lights are also one of the energy consuming fixtures at home. Most of the time, we even firget to turn them off during the day, and the sunlight is brighter, and the electrical lights are hard to guess whether they are on or off. Smart bulbs and LEDs can regulate their brightness according to the intensity of natural light in the room. You can also schedule the lights to swtich on and off according to your schedule.

Smart decision making

When the smart home system can manage every appliance at your home, you will have to focus on other things rather than thinking whether you left the AC on while leaving your place. Smart home systems can learn your needs based on your daily activity and make better decisions according to that information. So when you come back from home, you can find your place cooled off already, but you didn’t forget to turn off your AC, the smart home system turned it on for you a minute ago.

The 5 Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is the next big change we are looking at right now after the advancement in the cellular network and the internet. Every single aspect of our lifestyle today has some or the other technology supporting it. Smart home technology is to control our living space with devices, appliances, or systems which are connected to the network. It includes television, thermostat, lights, audio speakers, security cameras, locks, and even more appliances which can be connected to a common system, idealy your mobile phone or voice recognition assistants. As we step in future, smart home automation is becoming more and and more advantageous. Here are the benefits of having a smart home.

Master Key to all locks

You can manage all the lights and appliances from a single device, whether being or not being in your house. You can either use your smartphones or a dedicated device for controlling every technology that is available at your home. This cuts down the time and effort required for the users to operate their home, as they can do it from their home, office, or even while travelling on the other side of the world.

Flexible to new devices

Smart home systems are designed specifically for each type of appliance or gadget. They tend to be very flexible in adapting to new technologies. Every new technology today can be connected to a smart home system. With more and more new and impressive devices, living is only getting more and more comfortable. Integrating the new tech into your smart home is an automatic upgrade to the latest lifestyle technology.

Max home security

The locks and vaults are safer today than at any time in the past. Today we can get a level 3 security for our homes at ease. With security and surveillance features, you can monitor every corner of your smart home. There are several security options available to choose from, such as motion detectors, security cameras, automated door locks, and other security measures around your house that you can control with your mobile device. In on touch, your entire home can be completely secure from any threats while you are in or away from your home.

Improved fuctionality of appliances

Using smart home appliances is not limited to switching them off and on. For example, your smart fridge will not just cool down your food if you can also provide the necessary diet plan that you need to store in it for being healthier. In case any item is finished, your smart fridge can also order it automatically from an online store. The audio system can compile a list of one favorite track from everyone present at your party and play it so that all your guests are entertained.

Energy saving and functionality

Many times you may forget to turn off your AC before leaving your place or during a hot day you come back to your place, and your indoors are even more hot and humid. These two issues can be solved with the help of smart home technology. You can easily turn off your AC from your mobile device even from the office making is energy efficient. You can also turn the AC on moments before you get back to your home, so you find an already cooled inside for instant relaxation.




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